Dover Dispatch The Student News Site of Dover Area High School Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:22:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Is college really worth the effort? Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:22:37 +0000      College plays a huge role in a student’s life. It is an experience that not many people forget, but is college important enough to put so much money and time into it?

     Most schools encourage high school students to get a college education after high school – why is that? “Generally speaking, many employers like to know they are hiring someone who has proven they have what it takes to be successful. College is a great way to show employers you are intelligent, hardworking, reliable, and educated,” said Dover Area High School guidance counselor Mark Smith. 

     Despite Smith’s reasoning, however, it’s undeniable that there are many alternatives to college after graduating from high school. For example, Dover Area High School senior Kaden Crone has decided to join the military after his senior year of high school, stating “I think the military is a good career path to gain some experience, [and] I didn’t want to be thousands of dollars in debt from college tuition.” Indeed, the average cost of college tuition in the state of PA is about $27 thousand per year, so graduating with debt is very much a legitimate concern. 

     Furthermore, many college students get their degree and never use it after graduating. For instance, about 10.4% of the U.S. population is currently in college, and about 40% of college students drop out prior to graduating. 

     So, is the time and money invested in college really worth it? Again, Smith explained that “college allows you to gain living experience, knowledge, and skills that can be applied to most real world situations. I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to go out and gain knowledge, training, and experience. I do not feel college is the only way to gain those things, but it is one of the more reliable options.” 

     As such, it’s clear that while college can be necessary in some situations,  it is not the only path by which one can find success moving forward from high school.


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Eagles Scouts at Dover Area High School Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:19:57 +0000      Dover Area High School seniors Alexander Eisenhour and Spencer Mefford have recently done what only 8% of Boy Scouts of America ever accomplish: they have become Eagle Scouts.

     To do so, both Eisenhour and Mefford needed to complete a final Eagle Scout Service Project, demonstrating their leadership ability while contributing to their local community. Mefford set out to renovate the floor of a parlor room at St. John’s Church. “We had to rip up the old plush carpet, see how well the floor held together, sand it, stain it, and then apply polyurethane,” Mefford said regarding the details of his project. 

     Eisenhour, on the other hand, decided to fix up the courtyard at Lieb Elementary. “[Principal Jody Wickenheiser] believed that the new courtyard would give everyone a space that they could be proud of, and use it as a learning tool or reward to good students,” said Eisenhour regarding the genesis of the project. 

     Apart from providing a service to the community, both Mefford and Eisenhour believe that Scouting has allowed them to become better people and citizens, with Eisnehour commenting,“Scouting has continuously made me rethink things I have done or said. I try to have a lot of fun as many know, but I live my life by the morals of Scouting and try my best to be a good person.” Mefford feels similarly about his time as a Scout, saying that it has allowed him to come out of his shell. 

     In addition to a final community service project, Eagle Scouts must have earned a total of 21 merit badges, including 13 Eagle-required badges, as well as holding a leadership position for at least six months as a Life Scout (the rank just below the Eagle Scout). For almost their entire lives, both Mefford and Einshour have abided by the Scout Oath, staying physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. They are truly, in title and in spirit, Eagle Scouts.

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Dover Wrestling: New Season, New Coach Fri, 03 Dec 2021 18:42:38 +0000 The Dover wrestling team has quite the upcoming season this winter under new coach Josh Murray. This is Murray’s 20th year of coaching but his first year coaching for Dover. Murray is,“looking forward to working with administration, wrestlers, alumni, and parents on this new chapter of Dover Wrestling.”

Murray also states, “The program plans/goals are to bring excitement back to Dover Wrestling and get the numbers up.”

Murray says that his coaching philosophy is, “preparation and organization, wrestling in a classroom for life, defining success, and cultivating a positive attitude.” Murray’s passion and positivity is felt by the team. Sophomore Manny German says, “He (Murray) is a hard working person and cares a lot about the wrestling program, and is trying to flip the program into something much better.”

Murray is going to implement what he calls “Eagle Mentality.” The “Eagle Mentality” helps all athletes feel included on the team and makes the JH and HS teams feel like a family. “Eagle Mentality” is the idea that you get one percent better each day, not only on the mat, but in the classroom and in life. This mentality helps display accountability within academics, the community, and competitions. 

You can also tell that Murray cares a lot about the well being of all students, not only the athletes on his team, as he said, “I want to invest in the pipeline/feeder programs and change the culture that in turn produces classes or groups of kids at the HS level.”

Not only is Murray a positive influence with an organized coaching plan, he is also very experienced. He states that he previously worked at, “Cumberland Valley and most recently Boiling Springs.” He also said, “I wrestled for them and then coached with legendary hall of Fame Coach Clair Rudisill at Northern.”

 Murray says that since the time he has been on the mat, he has been very intrigued with the Dover Wrestling team, because of the “tough wrestlers they produce.” Murray’s first impression of the wrestlers on the team was “young and eager to learn.”

When asked about how they felt about the coach, German responded saying, “He pushes his wrestlers and helps them become better people.”

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Eagle ballers look forward to normal season Wed, 01 Dec 2021 18:26:47 +0000 Basketball season is fast approaching, and the Lady Eagles are ready to hit the court.

Senior Brooke Bowman said, “Our team this year has a chance of winning more games if we all put in the work. Working as a team on and off the court is one of the most important things for this season.” 

The girls team also has a relatively new coach this year, Marley Bonilla. Bonilla said, “I started out at the junior high level at York Catholic. I love coaching the girls basketball team at Dover high school!” She said nothing but good things about the girls on the team. “The team is awesome, and they are setting goals for us to achieve.”

Since Bowman is a senior she has a few games that she is looking forward to.  “The game that I’m looking forward to the most is the final home game. This game is against a team we have a chance of beating, and it’s also senior night. This will be the last game for Michaela (Fink), Paris (Dugan), and myself.”

Junior Elisee Okenge says that, “Our schedule, game wise, seems very packed this year.” She added that “last year’s schedule was shortened due to covid.”

Bonilla said, “I am looking forward to my three seniors leading a great group of young ladies and to all the games this year just because we have a full schedule. Last year we weren’t able to because of covid so I’m super excited to put everyone on our schedule this year.”

Okenge says that she’s excited for the games, “I’m looking forward to playing Milton Hershey and Central because I really like the way their schools look, and I just overall enjoy playing against them.” 

Overall the upcoming girls basketball season looks very promising to have some wins. Okenge says, “I think  the team will do well this year. We have worked hard to fix all the things that we need to improve and we’ve gotten so much better.” 

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Sexism In The School Dress Code? Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:31:58 +0000 Many students have strong opinions on the school dress code. There are two questions to be asked: should the school dress code be enforced and is it sexist?

Since August, the beginning of the school year, many Dover Area High School students have voiced their complaints and concerns about the dress code. Female students feel targeted because of the margerity of rules pointed toward their types of clothing. 

I believe that the school dress code is somewhat geared more toward females, but it’s not only the actual dress code that is sexist but how some teachers and faculty handle the dress code. Senior Azul Bellot agrees, “I think that it is sexist, promotes rape culture, and sexualizes young women.” 

In the student handbook it states, “The board will not interfere with the rights of students and their parents to make decisions regarding their appearance except when their choices disrupt the educational program of the school or affect the health and safety of others.” This implies that female body parts such as shoulders and your stomach are a distraction to the classroom and can stop other students’ education. Rather than teaching young women that they should cover themselves, young men should be taught to be respectful. 

The dress code states that students can not wear bare midriff tops. These are tops that show any part of the body above the hips. This means that students can not wear clothing showing their stomachs. This is a style that is mainly worn by females, as most of the students that would wear crop tops would be female students. The dress code also rules out halter tops, this is yet another type of top that mainly female students wear. The dress code also tells female students that they can’t wear shirts that have “spaghetti straps.” 

These three rules make students, primarily young girls, cover up their shoulders and stomach. As neither of those body parts are sexual organs, I don’t agree that they have to be covered. When asking students what they would change about the school dress code, the main response was that they should be able to show their shoulders and a few inches of their stomach. 

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The Bluest Eye, a necessary novel Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:24:16 +0000 The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison is one of the purest forms of art. I read the book in one sitting, staying up all night to finish it as I couldn’t stop flipping the pages. Oftentimes, it felt like I was reading poetry and not prose. I simply couldn’t put the book down.

However, The Bluest Eye is by no means an easy read; it is about a young black girl, Pecola, in the 1940s who is physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, and she only wishes for blue eyes so people would care for her. Unsurprisingly, the book was banned for its sexually explicit material, but this material isn’t just gratuitous nonsense; it is all necessary for the creation of the story. 

The Bluest Eye touches on numerous negative effects that white society has on the black community. However, it focuses primarily on and skillfully describes an experience that many black people, especially black girls go through- the realization that you will never fit into white society. The novel implicitly conveys that beauty is based on whiteness, and is unattainable by black women, especially dark-skinned black women. The fact that black women lack beauty in the white society makes us prone to harm. We are seen as unworthy of humane treatment because we are not ‘human’. Realizing that we are not accepted into the dominant society, makes us confused, and causes us to question our self-worth, just like Pecola and the other black girls in the novel.

Although I believe everyone should read The Bluest Eye, it is undoubtedly a black book, and I feel that to fully understand and appreciate this novel you have to be black, specifically a black girl. This novel is a tragedy, but it also is a reality for many black girls. I have never felt so understood by a novel before. For a while, I have been waiting to find my favorite book, a book that would touch my heart and soul, and The Bluest Eye is that book.

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Cross country finishes strong Thu, 18 Nov 2021 17:54:39 +0000 This year the cross country season was filled with many ups and downs. One highlight of the season is that three of the team’s runners made districts this year.

Junior Summer Hogan was one of the runners that made districts this year. She said, “the atmosphere was incredible.” She also stated that she was extremely proud of and pleased with her performance and her teammates’ performances because they all got personal records at districts. Hogan is a dedicated athlete and runner who puts a lot of time and effort into this sport, so making districts was something she expected herself to do. 

Hogan credits coach Jennifer Miller for pushing the team to achieve their best. Miller made sure to turn in score sheets so these students would be recognized on the announcements and kept their Instagram updated with their season stats. Hogan shared that in past seasons, it was hard for this sport to get the recognition it deserved by the school and public. Hogan said, “Everyday I would put miles and miles on my legs, and give it my all every practice, just to be disappointed at the end of the season with my efforts not being acknowledged.”  

Miller explained that in cross country, making districts is much more difficult than it used to be because now you have to be one of the top 20 runners at the YAIAA meet to qualify for districts. She hopes that next year more of the team will qualify for districts and continue to drop and improve their times to do so.

Hogan shares the hope that the team as a whole will improve and keep growing together. With having to go through this season with trial and error with the new course and a young team, Hogan was extremely proud of her team for never quitting or opting out at all this season. 

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Is Red Better Than Red? Mon, 15 Nov 2021 18:08:49 +0000 Taylor Swift’s newest album Red (Taylor’s Version) released on Nov. 12. This album is a grown up version of the original Red released back in Oct. 2012. Swift now owns her new album and everything that goes along with it, including music videos and merchandise. 

Red consists of six new vault tracks and 24 older songs that were released in the previous years. Even though there were no singles released in the five months leading up to the album’s release, promotion for Red has been more than Folklore and Evermore combined. 

This album is just so much better than the original. The way that the songs have improved with vocals and also the instrumentals has shown the growth of Swift as an artist.

Some of my favorite songs off the album would have to be Girl At Home, I Bet You Think About Me, and The Lucky One. The song that had the biggest change is Girl At Home. She made it more pop and not as country as it was in the original album. 

The All Too Well ten minute version is also amazing. It has some of the same lyrics from the original but the song has a totally different vibe. It also has a short film that goes with it. The video stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien who play each other’s love interest. The film is 14 minutes and has a very good concept and is a good visual to what All Too Well represents. 

I Bet You Think About Me also got a video on Monday morning, and it was very good. The video is all about Swift crashing her ex-boyfriend’s wedding while he imagines that he was still with her. The video is a good representation of what the whole song is about. Personally out of the two videos Swift came out with, the All Too Well video is the better of the two.

Overall I think that this re-recording is better than Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and will be one of my favorite albums of all time. The feeling from getting the original CD back in 2012 and now seeing it grow and change is something I enjoyed. I think that this is just a great album to listen to and that everyone can have at least one song that is their favorite off of this album.

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District hosts successful shoe drive Sat, 13 Nov 2021 15:19:37 +0000 Dover Area High School hosted a shoe drive that ran from Sept. 13 to Nov. 12. Guidance counselor Tara Focht started the shoe drive as she was looking for a way to help raise money for her son’s baseball team.“He plays for the York Young Revolution which is a non-profit organization, which means the team participates in community service… the team needs to raise funds for everything to play and have equipment as well as playing.”

The shoes collected will be sent out of the country to areas in need. Focht said, “We thought this was a fundraiser that could help support the team but also help those in developing countries.” 

The goal was to collect 100 bags with 25 pairs of shoes in each bag. So far, the school has collected around 2000 shoes, but there might be more. “More may have come in this week, and we have a few more bags to prepare for shipping.  So my count is based on what I know has been bagged up and is ready for shipping.” 

Not just this specific shoe drive, but all community service is significant to Focht,  “All drives like this are important because it helps those that would benefit from hand-me-downs.”


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Stage crew family supports Little Women production Fri, 12 Nov 2021 18:03:27 +0000 Next Friday and Saturday the high school will present the 2021 fall play, “Little Women”. Everyone involved, especially the cast, are beyond excited to show the whole Dover community the final project of their hard work, but behind the scenes of every great production there is also a hardworking stage crew. 

Stage crew is the people behind the scenes, where the audience can’t see, the ones in charge of moving scenery, special effects, keeping track of all props, and even operating lighting and sound systems to make sure the final production of every play is as close to perfection as possible.

“Being a part of the stage crew is like joining another family you never knew you needed/wanted. Every person is welcoming and supportive, you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes because they lift each other up, and always work together to find a solution to every problem. Joining stage crew is just an overall great thing to do with even greater experiences”, stated sophomore Phoenix Calhoun. Calhoun and sophomore Brianna Donat both expressed that joining stage crew was a great decision. Although they aren’t performing on stage, they still get to be a part of the production.

Senior cast member Emily Skelly said, “Stage crew plays a very important role. Without them the show wouldn’t be able to go on properly; it would be very hectic.” 

Skelly, Calhoun, and Donat are all more than excited to show not only their peers but also their family members and the Dover community their hard work. 

Skelly said, “I am most looking forward to performing for our audiences. I love hearing all the positive feedback from others about the show and it’s nice to see all our hard work pay off. It’s something special when you’re performing and hear the audience laugh and know that you’re part of it, that’s bringing joy to others.” 


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