Online schooling brings change to Dover Area High School

Makensie Husson尼雅·艾伦

The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has caused all schools to resort to online 


Online schooling has mostly been a trial 和 error concept because it’s a new way of 

504 Gateway Time-out- 足球外围网 helping students, parents, 和 teachers.” Yet, Fasick worries that students’ participation has been drastically impacted 通过 working from home.

 this could help them out if they don’t know anyone in their class or don’t feel comfortable confronting their teachers.

Teachers are also feeling the effects of teaching online. English teacher Barbara 

504 Gateway Time-out

Every part of Dover is heavily affected 通过 this drastic change in schooling. While everyone continues to adjust to this alternative learning style, they miss the personal experience of teaching 和 learning in the classroom.